Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions: Realistic Goals for Lasting Change

Discover practical tips for staying committed to your New Year’s resolutions. Learn why realistic goals are key to success, and explore actionable steps to incorporate small habits into your routine. Bonus resolution: Consider starting therapy for personalized support. Schedule your first therapy session with our team today.


Unlocking New Year’s Resolutions Success: Realistic Goals for Lasting Change


Are your New Year’s resolutions fading faster than you’d like? You’re not alone—statistics show that the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months. This year, let’s break the cycle and make resolutions that stick. Here’s a guide to setting realistic goals for lasting change:


1. Embrace Realistic Resolutions:

Rather than ambitious overhauls, focus on smaller, achievable habits. For instance:

  • Exercise: Commit to walks three or four times a week instead of daily gym sessions.
  • Organization: Tackle one room at a time instead of attempting a whole-house overhaul.
  • Finance: Limit eating out to once or twice a week instead of cutting restaurants entirely.
  • Reading: Aim to finish one book per month instead of weekly readings.
  • Sleep: Start going to bed half an hour earlier each night instead of a rigid 9 p.m. bedtime.

2. Action-Oriented Resolutions:

Opt for action-oriented resolutions for better success. Instead of avoiding sweets, resolve to cook one new nutritious meal each week. Action-focused goals create a positive mindset and increase the likelihood of success.


Bonus Resolution: Start Attending Therapy:

Enhance your journey toward self-improvement by considering therapy. Our experienced therapists can help you identify areas for growth, set realistic goals, and provide guidance for achieving lasting change. Schedule your first therapy session today.


Your Path to Lasting Change Starts Here

Ready to make your resolutions last? Follow these practical tips and consider therapy for personalized support. Our team is here to guide you on your journey to lasting change and self-improvement. Schedule your first therapy session to unlock the tools you need for a successful and fulfilling year.


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